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Discover all the characteristics of the park of 50,000 square meters

The property is equipped with:

- a warm water big swimming pool, equipped with a bar

- illuminated synthetic grass tennis court

- handling and stalls for horses

- volleyball court dipped in the green

- playground for children

- polygon of shooting

- private lake of 6,000 square meters, fed by dozens of warm water springs which, in winter never get below 15° celsius, thus to create a microclimate with isle and small bridge

- rocky gardens

- orchard

- vegetable garden

- breeding ground for private production of trees

- big fountains with falls and waterworks

- large fence for guard dogs

- buildings for hobbies and maintenance

- hothouse

- fenced set apart area for courtyard animals

- large fenced area where a family of deers live

- large pool for mallards

- stream rich in fish and eels with spring water which crosses the property

- surrounded by large ditches rich in spring waters

- automatic irrigation system on the entire area

- emergency light system, with a 60 kw electricity generating group

- wire broadcasting music system on the entire property included the park

- electric anti-moskitos system on the entire property

- the land estate is illuminated by 120 small lampposts

- antique statues in the park

- relax and reading area close to the lake.